Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Stop Making Sense is so universally beloved that it's intimidating. You good people of Letterboxd watch it so often that it appears on the activity feed as frequently as a movie starring someone who's just died.

I tweaked my back a couple of days ago so I watched it in the standing position, that way I could bend and stretch, and apparently fucking dance, too! It doesn't take long at all for the white hot energy to take hold. As a staged production, it's brilliant, and Demme's shooting and assembly of it is top notch but not showy. No, The Talking Heads are correctly what it's all about. Putting the quality of the music aside (it's magnificent), the show is just exploding with positivity. Beautiful, electrifying, divine goodness. And it rings it your ears well after it's over. I'm frequently grateful for good movies, but this piece of art is almost too generous.

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