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  • Paterson



    Without love what reason is there for anything?

    So much of life consists of being put into boxes by those around you, the world constantly seeking to course correct your path. Culture tells us the life we should all be striving to achieve, a rigid existence defined by people we'll never know. We're raised as if we should never be satisfied, as if life should be a constant exhausting climb to an impossible peak. A peak that contains unknown reward,…

  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


    I live on the right side, I sleep on the left,
    That’s why everything’s got to be love or death.

    A girl walks home alone at night, but she's not in danger. She is the danger. Through the dusty streets of a hollow, barren town a girl wanders, seeking to deliver justice to those who embody the greed, hatred and misogyny of our world. Under the pale moonlight and the burning sun, oil rigs churn, bleeding the earth dry. Smoke…

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  • Babe: Pig in the City

    Babe: Pig in the City


    Thank the pig.

    A completely unexpected, wild and unhinged fever dream of a film. Wholly unapologetic in its talking animal based mania, so wonderfully bizarre and surreal in the way it presents its cultural commentary and critique that it's no wonder it passed so many by. Even despite my best attempts to view this eccentric adventure with a critical eye, it would remain quite a challenge to convince me that this film is a real thing that exists at all…

  • After Hours

    After Hours


    What do you want from me? What have I done? I'm just a word processor, for Christ sake!

    The world feels like a different place when the sun goes down, doesn't it? The collective politeness of the business day fades away, people start to let loose, acting entirely different under the shroud of darkness. A delirious mania sets in, rain slicked streets shimmering with reflected neon and moonlit glow. The rules are different. People are different. Adventure is easier to…

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  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    You're not an asshole, Mark. You're just trying so hard to be.

    Operatic. A brilliantly constructed masterpiece of spiraling mania and obsession, centered around a man so out of touch with himself that his only outlet for his frustrations is to create a world he is fully in control of. Repressed rage and sexuality, a new age of toxic masculinity orbiting an ever-online world, and the overpowering grasp of greed taking hold of a generation that has yet to understand…

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    This world will fall.

    Zack Snyder's grand experiment, for better or worse, is sure to go down in cinema history. To rework a film to this degree has never been seen before, and it's unlikely we'll see it again any time soon. No matter what, at the end of the day, this film's existence begs the question: was it worth it? Was Warner Brothers' $70 million investment beneficial to the DCEU, or even to Justice League as a film? It's…