Favorite films

  • Love − Zero = Infinity
  • Angel Dust
  • Occult
  • Variant

Recent activity

  • Emanuelle and Françoise

  • Crime Without Passion

  • Gambling Hell

  • Séance

Recent reviews

  • Crime Without Passion

    Crime Without Passion

    Claude Rains delivering Hecht dialogue.. the best

  • I Never Left the White Room

    I Never Left the White Room

    Adventurous blend of SOV horror and video art - recommended for fans of Charles Pinion or Tina Krause’s Limbo. Or maybe even David Lynch.

Popular reviews

  • Iron Warrior

    Iron Warrior


    Really does feel like slipping into a dream, floating from scene to scene in a similar manner to something like Phantasm, discarding logic. Beautiful locations, minimal burdensome story. I watched just before drifting to sleep, the only way it should be seen, maybe. It felt like only half an hour had passed when the end credits hit. This will probably become a late night staple for me.

  • Call of the Blonde Goddess

    Call of the Blonde Goddess


    A sun-drenched fantasy. This might be Jess making his very-Franco version of I Walked with a Zombie. The blonde goddess is made up like Jean Harlow. It was a pleasure to let this movie wash over me on a bright Saturday afternoon. The infinity of mirrors in the bedrooms parallels the unending call to the voodoo ritual for our heroine; if only the repetition of the quarantine days were anything like THAT.