Drive My Car

Drive My Car

You Said Forever Now I Drove Alone Past Your Street.

Pain through by through like water river. Silence.
Everyway is like a fairy tale. What would expect for this.
The night and day the pain always haunts. Pulled over and screaming inside. Self-Hate. Knife stab a hundred times. This wounds so weight. Past way still can’t be over.
What is love. What is a smile. Now I can’t hear the voice again. The key is a move. Wish had another life. New journey has started. We’re surviving in pitiful reality.
Love, death so closer. But why in the end, it’s all about losses. Worst things never done. Senseless.
Wheels keeps rolling, this journey has never an ending. Even never ending, answer about smiling has been revealed. Connected by unexpected accidents until make a beautiful incident.

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