Lamb ★★½

That poor mother sheep I legit felt so bad for her. Almost cried cause of her too but we're not gonna talk about that.

So I didn't hate this don't get me wrong, but I was quite disappointed. I went into this genuinely quite nervous because the premise of this film sounded so freaky. Like they could have done so much with it and then they just didn't. I was nervous I'd be insanely unsettled because of how the lamb looked but when they first fully showed it on screen I legit laughed out loud.

The main question I want the answer to tho is not even how it happened but why in the seven shades of fuck they acted like it was normal. Like okay, I get that losing a child can be traumatic or sumn but like... what in the fuck? Tho I do have to admit that the lamb kinda grew on me over time but still... have some common sense people.

The cinematography is great of course and it was for sure interesting as my first Icelandic film but I do feel like they had some missed opportunities in this film with the concept they set up. The ending just sucked ass and I'm so sad about that.

All in all I can appreciate that they tried but I'm quite disappointed with what the film ended up being. I do recommend y'all check it out by yourself cause maybe y'all will enjoy it more than I did. Do not expect pure horror tho because it's not. I would say it's not at all but I ain't scared of shit in films so maybe that's just me.

But here are some other thoughts I had while watching this film if y'all are interested:

Genuinely did not expect I'll be watching a sheep have an identity crisis in this film.

People who live on the countryside fucking suck for not letting their dog in the house like that. Like it's so common and I despise everyone who does that.

On a different note tho, I got to see 83 films in the cinema this year, which seeing as the cinemas were open full-time only since May is pretty good and I am so grateful for that. Hopefully the cinemas stay open the whole year so I can hit 100 films in the cinema in 2022. I'm gonna link my edit of my favourite films of 2021 here and in my bio later when I post it if any of you are interested!

Happy New Year y'all! I wish you a shit ton of new great releases in 2022 and hopefully for you to find some new favorites!

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