Suspiria ★★★

um... i dont really know what to say. it was good but it was also bad.

i think whats mostly holding me back from enjoying this 100% is the fact that i’m a huge fan of the original. and this is so so far from the original.

and yet i cant help but think. the original is known for its impressive visuals mostly. so if you take away those visuals, the general overall film is not left as much of an impressive story telling experience and more as a creative (for its time) slasher, in my opinion. whats happened in this new, revisited Suspiria is that they’ve taken away the visuals (mostly) and then changed the story so completely that it is almost impossible to tell that it was supposed to relate to suspiria the original. and i am unsure if that is a good thing or not.

i’ll have to, for now, settle on not. 

if watched without any thought given to the original, this is a well filmed horror film that is enjoyable overall. if compared with the original, it is not nearly as enjoyable. so what i mean to say is, by itself, it’s good. as a remake, it doesnt hold up as well.

i dont have a deep seated hatred for it. in fact, it was quite enjoyable at times and if you look aside from the general plot, which made no sense a lot of the time (and not in the charming way that the original didn’t make sense), then you can appreciate it as the well filmed spectacle that it is. 

the cinematography is excellent. tilda swinton is stunning. the choreography is JAWDROPPING. script holds up. as far as music, its not the original soundtrack by Goblin but i was sold as soon as Thom Yorke’s name came up at the beginning. there are scenes and cinematography techniques that are reminiscent of the original and really lovely. there are some jawdropping scenes in which you want to flinch and gasp at the same time. but so many things are missing.

the plot is completely different. the dance school is dull looking and unimpressive, the opposite of the original. there are so many new different overarching stories that meld into the main one that you lose track at times and you wonder why you’re supposed to care about the war in this current moment and what it has to do with the main story. two and a half hours is too. damn. long. 

tldr; as its own thing, its an enjoyable film. if compared to the original, it doesnt hold up in the slightest.

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