Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

So I'm currently recreating the list of my favorite films and I wanted to see if I actually still loved a few movies, one of them being Lady Bird. This is actually my third time and when I watched it the second time I just never found it unique or special and I actually found it boring because nothing much happened.

That second time was during quarantine, now I'm in my senior year and 18, and (I would like to think) I'm a different person now(kind of irrelevant but not really). Now I related to it from beginning to end. For example, me and my mom have this weird relationship and I'm not gonna say much except for the fact that even though we argue so much and other crap I still love her and she loves me. She was there for me in many of my accomplishments like getting my first college acceptance. When me and my mom did online shopping it went the same way as Lady Bird and her mom did their shopping. We argued about random shit and then fall in love with the same pair of pants that will look great on me. It reminded me a lot of my and my mother's relationship, especially at the end.

Overall, I'm just happy that I can fully relate to this movie and I also understand why it's so popular and amazing and many people's favorites and even though nothing really happens in the end. I still love it because it's realistic and shows that yeah you never got a "goodbye, I'll miss you" from your mother but life goes on. Hopefully this review makes sense but I love this movie :))

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