Suspiria ★★★★

"Sweet girl, what do you ask?"

Dakota Johnson surprised me with this performance. I was skeptical of her taking this role after of my initial reaction from watching the trailer months ago. I did not think she 'looked' the part. I know that's a weird criticism, but she kinda looked too tall in the dancing scenes? I don't know maybe it's just me. Anyway, she was great. I thought that weird thing that bothered me from the trailer would ruin the movie for me but I almost didn't notice it while watching it. Because whatever it was, it wasn't weirder than Tilda Swinton playing the role of an elderly male German doctor. Also Mia Goth was brilliant. I liked her in A Cure for Wellness two years ago but this performance is just on another level.

I like this more than the original Suspiria, the structure of the movie is much better, and the flow of events is more natural in this one. And the weird dubbing and dated visual effects in the original still put me off. I don't really remember the original that much, but the two movies feel different and I think that was a really good thing. Of course, it is the same story and they have a few similar shots, but each Suspiria is its own thing and you can appreciate each one for the things it offers. And honestly that’s all I could ask from any remake. 

I think the most noticeable difference between the two is in the colors. This one looks bleaker, colder, and.. less red. In that regard I prefer the more vibrant approach of the original. Another difference is that this one actually had choreographed dance scenes, I liked that, and I don't recall the original having any.

Parts of Suspiria are truly unsettling. It made me uncomfortable in ways I haven't experienced with any other movie since maybe Hereditary. That first dance scene alone was something that got to me more than most horror movies do, combined.

While some scenes in Suspiria were disturbing, to say the least, others were not very effective and seemed to just be there as an homage to Dario Argento's filmmaking style. Also with a two and a half hours long runtime, the intentional ambiguity in the movie sometimes works against its favor. I became less interested as it went on after the first hour. I can't complain about it that much though because whatever criticism I have for it I still think that it was done in a better way than the original.

And even though it has some ambiguity, it feels like an expansion to the originals' story. and it adds some information that was not initially there. I mean it is a full hour longer than the original for a reason.

Following the footsteps of his fellow Radiohead band member, Jonny Greenwood, the score for Suspiria was composed by Thom Yorke. In the beginning I thought it was just okay, It was almost dull at times, but I really liked the song that was used near the end of the movie. It made the climax of the movie the amazing sequence that it is and I've been listening to it on repeat since I finished watching the movie. Such a beautiful track. 

Suspiria is a great experience overall, I look forward to rewatching it.

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