Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★½

Like I’ve said before, Nic Cage was a pretty good actor. I don’t know maybe people forget his good performances because his bad ones overshadow them, but he was a good actor. And also Laura Dern is amazing as always. But anyway... 

I still find it difficult to like a David Lynch film. The Lynch movies that I like are the ones that have the least amount of his artistic style as possible. For that reason, my favorite movie of his is probably The Elephant Man. Then there are movies like Lost Highway and Blue Velvet. I absolutely loved the first half of both movies (especially Blue Velvet) but then the second half loses me. Wild at Heart almost falls into that category I liked the first half but then I started to lose interest. I say it almost falls into that category because I didn’t love its first half as much as I loved Blue Velvet’s, for example. It was just alright. And also the second half was alright, but in a different way. Wild at Heart kinda reminded me of True Romance, but also True Romance is a lot better in my opinion. 

David Lynch’s movies are obviously not my cup of tea, so I have no idea why I keep watching them.

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