The Village ★★★½

i’m really reluctant to give this film 4 stars, as it is an m. night movie, but this one really left my mouth agape at the end. it was the very least fantastic and i wasn’t really finding myself bored towards the end. there are some really BRILLIANT shots in this movie, and the plot was a little less basic to where i didn’t know exactly where it would lead to. if i weren’t such an experienced “horror” watcher, that one scene with ivy and noah where he’s staring at her towards the end really made me go “holy shit that’s so fucking scary.” 
nevertheless the speaking patterns were sometimes just really unconvincing, but there were some great lines. definitely cracked a few joker jokes every now and then too.
an amazing cast.
i thought the world building was pretty odd and was wondering when it actually took place like the witch. both questions were answered. all in all, i did enjoy watching this.

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