Hancock ★★

“It's not a crime to be an asshole”

The idea of an asshole superhero and dealing with the collateral damage of his actions is—especially released in the superhero times of 2008—a fun and fascinating one. Unfortunately, Peter Berg's film seems to settle with the sheer idea and does with it just the bare minimum of what you'd expect. Sure, Will Smith is always reliable but it's hard to not feel like he's on auto-pilot when his role amounts to nothing more than the fact that he's an asshole-superhero.

Granted, the film eventually adds a poorly hidden twist regarding Charlize Theron but that distraction from the core premise just further pans it out to feel thin. Berg's direction is fittingly shaky and there's nothing outright awful with the film, but none of the usually solid actors can elevate a script refusing to stick with one single idea.

Peter Berg

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