Killer's Kiss

Killer's Kiss ★★★

“It's a mistake to confuse pity with love”

As Stanley Kubrick’s second feature and follow-up to Fear and Desire, this is certainly an improvement and progression, showcasing an interesting director who could’ve been on his way to becoming one of the great noir-directors. Everything from the groovy soundtrack to the slick light and shadow-play sets the mood for this thriller and Kubrick certainly shines with some tight boxing-scenes and POV-shots — even if much of it feels more like a show-of rather than necessary for the narrative.

Speaking of the narrative, the script certainly is given less focus in Killer’s Kiss. There’s some interesting narrative ideas with stories within the story, but in a film as short as this one there’s no room to flesh out the plot. Same goes for the characters, turned into thin ideas without much heart to latch onto and these limitations makes this a superficial film, but a pleasant short little tour nonetheless.

Stanley Kubrick

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