Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★

Unlike what I’d expect from a usual, long and drawn-out wedding, Ready or Not is in-and-out so quick its effects are immediate. Samara Weaving has an impeccable, immediate presence and her sudden entry into this weird, spooky family quickly establishes sympathy. The same effectiveness can’t be said for the rest of the family, never truly growing to the big family-tree they seem to be and ending up like pretty interchangeable faces, some fun acting aside.

The whole story, origin and ritualistic game of the family has a simplicity that makes it somewhat thin, but it also allows Ready or Not plenty of time to focus on its game of survival. Mining much aestheticism from its limited setting, we gradually see the dirt peeking through the shining millionaire-estate and the film is equally playful with its witty murders, always nasty enough to never lose their edge.

What makes this so watchable is first and foremost the passion and determination of Weaving. She’s so easy to latch onto throughout the film; the antagonists may end up being pretty thin and Ready or Not never does much to elevate its concept, but with its conscious tone and varied murders, this brings a fun enough edge to a tight concept.

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