Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

“Just for once in your life, don't smash!”

Just looking at the two stories being used in Thor: Ragnarok, this film should be ideal for me, as I’m quite fascinated by both Planet Hulk as well as the nordic tale of Ragnarök. Seeing both these massive arcs squeezed into one film however, did certainly affect my expectations. Sure, there’s certainly some comedy to be found in the swift pace, but as the film speeds through all build-up, background, Oden’s role and reveal of the villain to get to the goodies much of the film is lost. Furthermore, the film abruptly jumps between the brief Planet Hulk-sequence and Hel taking over Asgaard, a plot-point it’s hard to care about when we lack any real loveable character being there in Asgaard with her.

What the film lacks in momentum, it fills with performances though. For as buthcered as the Hulk-storyline is, both Banner and Thor are given an immense amount of heart and character and the performances are here to match that. Sure, Chris Hemsworth is nothing like before, but he buys into the role so much and Jeff Goldblum is a perfect example of the extravagante scenery-chewing going on here. Topped with the right kind of quirky visuals, there’s still a sense that the script runs quite thin. Take Cate Blanchett for example, take away her kinkster-goth of a performance and you’re left with nothing. Thor: Ragnarok is somewhat of a mess at it jumps around without sticking to anything, but there’s enough great stuff here to make it a highly enjoyable experience in spite of some slight disappointment.

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