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  • Donnie Brasco

    Donnie Brasco


    In a universe where Goodfellas and it's wide shadow didn’t already exist, I can totally see this rightfully slotting into that culturally important spot with little, to no effort, and even as it stands here it is the moody and phycological extension of a very sort of meta Scorsese world and that is still gosh damn perfect in every way, like from the morals perspective a truly moving deconstruction of that golden age for 90s mob flicks not to mention…

  • Thirteen Days

    Thirteen Days


    Yeah, this shit just confuses me, like for example why is a decent portion of the film inter-cut with one or two black and white shots for no apparent thematic, hell, aesthetic choice (edit: well actually, while no official reasoning has ever been released the popular opinion is simply that it is a failed parody of the avant garde or something, which just makes things worse honestly) just given their inconsistent, ultimately useless placement (though not before making me wish…

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    See I told you there was nothing to be afraid of“ 👀

    I go into this review knowing it’s kind of a futile effort to try and analyze Mulholland Drive at this point, and I’m not even talking about the fact they’re already are so many vastly superior reviews that exist on the website alone, just that nothing really should or needs to be said, it’s a Lynch film that all but explains itself and thereby says all that need…

  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall


    “You, you, you’re like New York, Jewish, left-wing, liberal, intellectual, Central Park West, Brandeis University, the socialist summer camps and the, the father with the Ben Shahn drawings, right, and the really, y’ know, strike-oriented kind of, red diaper, stop me before I make a complete imbecile of myself.
    Right, I’m a bigot, but for the left...“

    I’ve been trying for the last, I guess twenty hours now to think of a way to describe Annie Hall, and sure, it’s…