Donnie Brasco ★★★★★

In a universe where Goodfellas and it's wide shadow didn’t already exist, I can totally see this rightfully slotting into that culturally important spot with little, to no effort, and even as it stands here it is the moody and phycological extension of a very sort of meta Scorsese world and that is still gosh damn perfect in every way, like from the morals perspective a truly moving deconstruction of that golden age for 90s mob flicks not to mention the way they deal with their main cast of characters in well, a manner I thought was dynamic and revolutionary but that was maybe only cause’ I’d also yet to meet Lefty Ruggiero as played by Pacino.

If I had two notes though it is that you can’t really do a nice, draining slow burn epic if you hit the ground running as violently as Donnie Brasco does, which it seems they definitely thought they had in the cards most of the rest of the way through, but I don’t even know if that is a big deal-breaker or just another great aspect of the best described as alternative rock-esque filmmaking when contrasted to what is considered the more mainstream of this Crime/Drama genre. Oh, and the other being that I kind of feel like, regardless of role because I can’t even pin one down, but in some capacity I couldn’t stop thinking that this movie definitely needed Andy Garcia, whatever the hell that means.

Also kind of thought the 21 Jump Street scene that they based on an encounter here had the idea of someone grabbing someone else’s dick be the raunchy, crude Jonah Hill-ization of such a scene, but nope, that happens in this movie... verbatim.

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