Thirteen Days ★½

Yeah, this shit just confuses me, like for example why is a decent portion of the film inter-cut with one or two black and white shots for no apparent thematic, hell, aesthetic choice (edit: well actually, while no official reasoning has ever been released the popular opinion is simply that it is a failed parody of the avant garde or something, which just makes things worse honestly) just given their inconsistent, ultimately useless placement (though not before making me wish the whole thing was just shot mono because this can at times defy your expectations and actually be really pretty, like man there must have been some spiked punch bowl at a 2000 cinematographers convention for real though because I am beginning to sense a pattern)?

Plain and simple Thirteen Days needed to feel like the most intense and well-crafted episode of The West Wing to work at all for holding a candle to the crisis of its subject matter but that is equally plain to see as nowhere near what we get, in fact, this is probably among the most boring things I have ever seen. I think my dad, this was a very “him” movie if that says anything though, put it best in context for what is a pretty stacked but ultimately mediocre cast, considering it really is the just the most generic typecasting of all time, but these are the exact kinds of characters each of these guys are really great at executing, just you know, not when it overwhelms you with all that cloying political thriller Avengers energy.

Which if we are talking about being overbearing there is the elephant in the room as with all these sorts of films of the sweeping chauvinism applied to every single slight victory by the U. S even though especially in this case it’s not exactly a victory we’re celebrating, but anyhow coupled with intense crafting of white house villain scum (just to clarify, that being a critique of the rampant conventionalism applied and not really me disputing the idea that there were heavily militant, borderline kamikaze assholes involved in The Cuban Missile Crisis, which there surely were) does help to cloud that a bit, however, that being said if it means anything still not every scene is ruined by such aggressive back-patting if that makes any sense? Anyhow, in short, remind no one to ever let Costner do a Boston accent again.

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