Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

It's ok although it never reaches its potential.

There's a strange feeling of loss speaking of the essence that makes Peter Parker's character so interesting but that's a problem coming from Homecoming. Spiderman's story is about how a young guy tries to manage his own life and everything related to it (his relationship with NJ, his work...) and, at the same time, he is a fucking superhero who enjoys hanging around the great Manhattan kicking some asses, helping many people and (why not?) he's funny doing all these things.

He has natural charisma even in worst situations and he always finds the way to get over his problems because he rarely loses his *hope*. Yep, sometimes he fails as Peter Parker and as Spider-Man itself but then he remembers the mistake he made with Uncle Ben, a mistake that changed his whole life... A mistake that can't be repaired but he can avoid others to experience the same and Peter will try to avoid it. Because a chance/power was given to him and he knows he's perfect for the task.

That makes Spiderman story so relatable and powerful and... In this MCU there's nothing even similar to it.

Alright, the idea of Tony Stark taking the role of uncle Ben and teaching peter everything he needed to know about responsibility was "fine" but in this continuation after Endgame it was useful for... Peter giving away the most important treasure he received from Tony to a strange guy he just met only because he's physically similar?


That's the kind of depth the plot gets to reach. Well, the film is simpler not so well crafted as Sam Raimi's trilogy (ooh fuck even Amazing Spiderman films were better crafted, here we are...) but it's still entertaining, Gyllenhaal fits pretty well as the villain and he's responsible for the best sequences during the film.

Unfortunately all these lacks of depth suffered in Homecoming feels intensified in this film.

Disappointing saga, not awful but could've been better.