The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★½

The Invisible Man is about a woman named Cecilia whose husband were killed himself and left his fortune to her. As things got mess, Cecilia believes that she's been haunted by his husband through some technology who makes him invisible.

The plot twist really didn't surprise me because: I knew it from the start, it's obvious, I don't know why others are still surprised about that.

The acting is great, the plot is awesome but the flow isn't. I watched this infront of my family and all the time they only got bored and they look at the film when there's action. It's a slow-burn film but for me, it's okay.

As the film finishes, it was a medium great and medium suspense. I just don't really know why it's only a technology— I mean, it's okay but yeah, it's also bullshit.

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