Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction

Han Solo: Since when do you know how to fly?
[Chewie howls something]
Han Solo: 190 years old?
[Chewie howls again]
Han Solo: You look great!

Not the best in the franchise Star Wars but every actor gives a compelling performance. It's a nice Star Wars Anthology. The movie tries, with good results, to expand the universe while telling stories how Han Solo became the Captain of the Millennium Falcon and all that. The cinematography is beautiful, the action is great, but the story is predictable and with no big surprises. Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It's not a bad movie, It's ok.
• Story: 6/10
• Action: 8/10
• Pacing: 6/10
• Editing: 7/10
• Visuals: 8/10
• Writing: 6/10
• Scoring: 7/10
• Dialogue: 7/10
• Directing: 6/10
• Characters: 7/10
• Ending Scene: 6/10
• Special Effects: 7/10
• Entertainment: 6/10
• Rewatch Value: 6/10
• Overall Score: 65/100
Kau mau tau bagaimana caraku bisa bertahan hidup selama ini? Aku tak mempercayai siapapun, anggap semua orang mengkhianatimu dan kau tak akan pernah kecewa. - Beckett

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