Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones ★★½

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction

Padme: It must be difficult having sworn your life to the Jedi... not being able to visit the places you like... or do the things you like.
Anakin: Or be with the people I love.
Padme: Are you allowed to love? I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi.

In my opinion, the first hour and a half is really bad. The rest is ok with the last scene making it a little respectable. The story moves at a snail pace. The dialog is weak. There is not a single line of memorable dialogue. The romance between Anakin and Padme is clunky and ridiculous. Hmm, the only thing really worth seeing was the lightsaber fight between Yoda and Dooku, that was really cool.
• Story: 5/10
• Action: 7/10
• Pacing: 5/10
• Editing: 7/10
• Visuals: 7/10
• Writing: 5/10
• Scoring: 7/10
• Dialogue: 5/10
• Directing: 5/10
• Costumes: 7/10
• Characters: 5/10
• Ending Scene: 7/10
• Special Effects: 7/10
• Entertainment: 5/10
• Rewatch Value: 6/10
• Overall Score: 56/100
Menurut pendapat saya, ini adalah episode yang terlemah dan mengecewakan di prekuel trilogy ini, memang ketiga film di trilogy ini bisa dibilang lemah semua, dan kalau di urutkan ya episode 2 ini yang berada di urutan terbawah. Apanya yang lemah? Dialognya lemah, plotnya pun lemah alias lembek dan lamban, selain itu melihat keromantisan antara Anakin dan Padme juga terasa menjenuhkan.

Jadi dibagian mana episode ini terasa bagus ataupun nyaman? Menjelang akhir adalah moment yang buat saya mulai terasa nyaman menikmati film ini 😄

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