Strangers on a Train ★★★★

Crime | Drama | Thriller

Bruno Anthony: Everyone has somebody that they want to put out of the way. Oh now surely, Madam, you're not going to tell me that there hasn't been a time that you didn't want to dispose of someone. Your husband, for instance?

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, [in my opinion] is one of the best Hitchcock films. The film has great storyline, great dialogue, great characters, great acting, and naturally great direction from the master of suspense who is truly at his best here.

The chracters are all very well developed, the performances are all great, but I think it's Robert Walker's performance as Bruno Antony that really steals the show, yeah he is one of the most coolest & disturbing villains of the noir film in the cinematic history. One the reason that Strangers on a Train succeeds is because of its villain.

The black-white cinematography is creative, and beautifully artistic. I loved the storyline and the fact that it was well structured and presented. Overall, the idea for this film is brilliant, Hitchcock knew what he was doing when he made movies. This film is an incredible film making achievement.
STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, [menurut pendapat saya] adalah salah satu film terbaik dari Hitchcock. Film ini memiliki alur cerita yang menarik, dialog yang menarik, karakter yang menarik, akting yang menarik, dan visual noir hitam putih yang indah dan menarik.

Semua penampilan dari para cast sangat bagus, tetapi saya pikir yg paling menarik perhatian yaitu penampilan Robert Walker sebagai Bruno Antony yang benar-benar iconik, dan ini merupakan salah satu faktor kesuksesan film ini. Selain itu yang saya sukai dari film ini ialah jalan ceritanya yang terstruktur dan disajikan dengan baik namun unsur suasana ketegangannya tetap ada. Hitchcock tahu apa yang dia lakukan ketika membuat film, dan untuk film ini: BRILLIANT!

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