The Mist ★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Horror | Science Fiction | Thriller

Ollie: We gotta discuss how we're going to stop that thing from getting in here.
Myron: What do u mean getting in? We shut the loading door.
Ollie: Yeah, but the entire front of the store is plate glass.

Don't give up and never lost hope in any kind of situations in life, no matter what it takes. Be faithful to God and he will hear our voice. The ending wasn't that nice but it has a lesson to be learned from it.
• Story: 8/10
• Sound: 8/10
• Acting: 8/10
• Pacing: 8/10
• Editing: 8/10
• Visuals: 8/10
• Dialogue: 8/10
• Directing: 8/10
• Ending Scene: 9/10
• Rewatch Value: 8/10
• Overall Score: 83/100
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