The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

i feel like no one will believe me when i say this but … it didn’t feel long enough. YEAH IK IT HAD A 3 HOUR RUN TIME but i wholeheartedly didn’t want it to end. 10 minutes before it was about to close and i could feel things wrapping up, i had this huge anxious pit in my stomach just wishing it “don’t go don’t go don’t go.” 

ESPECIALLY in that final scene where he watches selina drive off into the distance, i couldn’t bare having to leave. 

just like i thought this is my new favorite batman adaption. i was stunned that it was able to live up to expectations so incredibly. & it’s truly in a league of its own. nothing like the campiness of tim burton’s batman or even in the same likeness as nolan’s. you’ve heard it a hundred times but matt reeves really does take it to this new place of his own. it’s a TRUE NEO-NOIR & it REALLY really leans into that, which is everything i could’ve hoped for. it’s sultry, and dark, and twisted, and the most tortured way romantic. the way i like to think of it’s in my head 
is like a superhero movie gone dark academia. it’s the sexiest batman has ever been. 

the score on this is insane. i’m the last person to pay attention to a film score, it’s not something that affects me or something i really ever notice cuz either it doesn’t usually play into how much i enjoy a movie. but it goes impossible to be ignored here. i cant even compare it to anything else because i hardly notice anything else. that says it all.

also, in slightly different direction, the sound production on this is so sick. in the scene where batman is banging on the window between him and the riddler as he’s screaming for him to tell what else he’s done, i felt that shit sending tingles through out my whole body. the whole thing is incredible. the fight scenes, the sound met with the choreography  of it all, it was truly a dance. 

the entire set/production design outstanding too. the best, grittiest, full gotham we’ve seen. the gothic architecture of every building, how it’s admired by the camera in every shot. they knew what the fuck the we’re doing when they were setting up locations. 

all this and i haven’t even TOUCHED on robert pattinson yet. he was unrecognizable here. anyone that ever doubted him and his ability to fully embrace this character can go straight to hell right now. quickly. this is his role now, and he takes it, soaks in it, loves it, and i love him in it. 

he plays tortured and suffering and righteous yet morally conflicted in a way that’s so like so painful and good that’s it’s kind of an erotic experience as a viewer. something that you understand about batman at the very foundation of who his character has always been but something i personally don’t think has been really exemplified in the way rob has exemplified it. 

and batman is a romantic! that fucking scene where selina complains that he doesn’t even care about what happens to her, and then he steps up really close, looking down at her, the moment is long, until he ultimately tells her the contacts look like they’re in her eyes good, and backs away. THE TENSION!!! FUCK BRO. the entire time rob is playing longing and desire in such a nuanced way because it’s never acted upon, but the EYES SAY IT ALL.

all the things rob is able to do with just the turn of his head and a stare WHEWWWW. like that scene after the car chase when penguins car is flipped over and we see batman coming up towards him upside down, the fire blaring behind him, not only is every shot in this sequence the sexiest cinematography i’ve seen in a superhero movie (the whole movie alike) but the final shot where rob moves his head across the frame slowly, staring. idk but he really was able to place fear in MY heart. 

I also love the relationship between batman and the little boy. i’m a sucker for parallels and it was done in a way that wasn’t overbearing or cheesy, so fucking cute. 

if you see me sporting a pair of clear framed glasses… you’ll know who to blame. the riddler is paul dano and it’s true no one else could’ve done what he did here besides him. the riddler & his groupies really serve white boy school shooter fantasy here & who better to lead the pack than paul dano you know? he had my grown ass terrified. 

this is as much as i can recall mentioning rn cuz i’m still living off that high where you forget half of what you just saw. but my god do i want to kiss matt reeves for making the batman movie of my dreams.

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