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  • The Hateful Eight

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  • Hustle



    A standard sports dramedy underdog story, but a fun one. The scenes where the characters actually play basketball are really energetic and made me feel like I was out there on the court with them. I have no particular interest in basketball itself, however the way it was captured in this film, was entertaining to me. Adam Sandler gives a charismatic performance, but for me the actor who played Bo Cruz was kind of the big scene stealer. 
    An entertaining watch, that nevertheless could have been shorter.

  • Smile



    This is the horror movie everyone went crazy about this year? 
    I can’t say I get why, seeing it contains of a whole lot of recycled tropes and boring jumpscares. 
    The idea of random people just smiling at you is a bit creepy, I’ll admit and sometimes it actually achieved that kind of uncomfortableness coming from that concept. The movie itself however didn’t win me over much and also didn’t scare me in the least. 
    But I guess teens really loved it, because otherwise it wouldn’t have made so much money.
    With the exception of “Nope”, 2022 has been a really weak year for horror films.