Yannosch has written 15 reviews for films during 2022.

  • The Water Diviner

    The Water Diviner


    Not worth any further comments, except for this: "gReEk CauSiNg PrOblEmS"

  • Mommy



    Intense, candit and tragic story about a boy with tons of layers who finds himself in the very unlucky position to be stuck to his less life-affirming and highly cynical mum.

  • I Have Electric Dreams

    I Have Electric Dreams


    Although the movie sometimes gets lost in its fuzzy relationship patterns, it's still a marvelous portrayal of how much subtle communication shapes intimate and yet toxic relationships to the people, you're supposed to love. One of my favorites of the International Film Festival Thessaloniki.

  • Thunder



    Those hug scenes really reminded me of fun molly trips.

  • Suro



    Last sentence seemed a bit pathetic, but otherwise this movie maneuvers its plot very well!

  • Klondike



    If I didn't slept through almost the whole middle part of the movie, it might have deserved a better valuation

  • Pornomelancholia



    Imagine watching this with your dad lol

  • Nocebo



    What somewhat saved the movie was the plot-twist at the end. Except for that, basic, boring and dull wannabe horror thriller that's representative for the horrible reputation of its respective genre.

  • The Dam

    The Dam


    Very powerful movie about the relationship of nature, human desires, despair and the dogmatic/idealistic belief into a better future. Keeping the name of the director in mind!

  • To The North

    To The North

    Eurocentric, sexist, superficial movie that treats its audience as uneducated teenagers who need a lesson on Christian values. Poor moral dilemma. Pure waste of time, except for the cinematography and the decent performance by the leading actor.

  • Reprise



    A beautiful, intense and emotional metaphor on the dissolution of interpersonal bonds and the ambiguity of on the one hand, romantically striving for uniqueness and on the other hand, the disillusion of not finding it.

    In an oversaturated world, full of meaningless activities and desires, which is caught in imaginations of stability and purpose, an educated, urban bourgeois group of young adults – different in background and looks, but alike in mentality and attitude – tries to abandon the monotony…

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    I have ambiguos feelings for a movie that captures an ambigous relationship in ambiguos pictures.
    Just as the lovestory of Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow grows like a plant that was not supposed to be grafted, I slowly but surely discovered my appreciation for this highly aesthetic, though, somewhat fleeting and uptight movie.
    Touching atmosphere, great soundtrack, but quite distant characters that remain as diffuse to the audience as to each other.
    What remains is the sincere appreciation for an attitude, philosophy and culture that I probably just hardly understand.