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  • Holmes & Watson

    Holmes & Watson

    This film started off alright, but after the initial trial scene everything about the film goes downhill at a terrific pace. Everyone involved had to have known that this sucked. It’s absolutely fascinating how bad this film is. The jokes are as stale as a seven-year-old jar of urine.  

    They try nobly to save things towards the end with a comical musical montage that gave me my only real laugh, but it’s a late hail mary pass with no hope of averting the loss. The actual climax is painful to watch and I want it destroyed.

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    Perfect. I love every shot, every choice—this goes places I didn’t expect and then veers off from those to even darker realms. The characters are really well developed and the crisis is allowed to develop with significant tension that builds to a dramatic climax. There is ample symbolism and plenty of really cool shots. There is a thoroughly gruesome eye-stabbing sequence—that eye stuff gets me every time, I should make a list. 

    This film (as were several of my previously…

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  • The Silk Express

    The Silk Express


    This starts off really well with an intriguing plot about the price of silk and an attempt to corner the market. The initial sequences on the train are great as well. Things move along nicely until the murder, then it turns into a more traditional whodunnit with some rather predictable twists. At a 60-minute runtime, I can’t complain too much about pacing, but it’s disappointing that the duration of the film is not as enjoyable as those first 20 or so minutes. 


  • Unhinged



    Why do I feel like John Goodman would have been a far superior casting choice to Russell Crowe? Why does his acting in this lack all dynamics? It’s entirely one note; and while he’s clearly unhinged, I feel like there is no buildup to what could be a truly thrilling conclusion. Just lackluster all around. 

    I enjoyed the chase scenes on suburban streets. All the rest was done better by Joy Ride. Plenty of themes to be explored here, but the film instead takes a predictable and formulaic approach to the plot.

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  • Soul



    This had some nice moments and a few good jokes, but I never really connected with the soul of the film. The barbershop scene was the closest I got. I would have liked a lot more fleshing out of the spirit realm prior to our character’s appearance there: make 22 the main character, basically. I think that switch would make this film great. 

    The animation is really lovely and the music is nice (except for that middle school band—why’d they…

  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run


    I am not a big SpongeBob fan. I enjoyed the first film (mostly because of the David Hasselhoff scene, which I thought was really clever) and I’ve seen a few episodes of the show, but I’ve always felt that the humor is too manic and have never been able to get comfortable with it. So it’s really no surprise that this film is not for me. 

    The Keanu Reeves moments serve a nice function and the animation style is fine—I…