Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish ★★★½

I’m tempted to go higher with the star rating, because the animation style for this really is phenomenal. The only trouble is that it is very repetitive—bad guy shows up, action-packed showdown ensues, rinse and repeat. I do like, though, in terms of story, how there are multiple antagonists who, with a slight change in perspective, could easily become protagonists. I love how the map changes the journey based on who is holding it. And I love how magical items from various fairy tales get utilized. This film knows what it is doing and takes care to do it well. Craftsmanship, I love to see it. 

The Big Bad Wolf of Death is the standout villain in this. The image is frightening, especially when he appears in a hall of mirrors to antagonize all of Puss’s nine lives. It’s a tremendous sequence.

Kitty Softpaws and the newcomer Perrito alongside Puss in Boots make up Team Friendship and have a great dynamic together. I feel like I’m missing quite a bit from not watching the previous Puss in Boots movie, though. I can’t tell if the flashbacks are to that movie or made up for the story in this one. 

The biggest laughs come from Big Jack Horner’s comical heartlessness. A Jiminy Cricket stand-in attempts to talk sense into him and it’s hilarious. Who knew unicorn horns could do that?

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