• No Exit

    No Exit


    While No Exit might not be the most original and inventive thriller, I still consider it a good movie. It's just the right amount of intense and while I could predict most of the plot twists, it was still really enjoyable to watch. There's some really great acting performances being delivered here by both newer actors like Liu and Ramirez and more experienced actors like Haysbert, and I would say it's worth it just for that alone. A really great bonus is the fact that 1. It mostly takes place at night, 2. It's snowing the whole time and 3. The cinematography is GREAT

  • Fright Night

    Fright Night


    Colin Farrell......... i'm begging at this point

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    THEEEEE film for people who a) romanticise living in a big city and/or b) feel empty inside

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    The politics in this are really all over the place. One minute you have a character making solid points about privilege and the next it goes "But not all cops😜"* and I'm just sat there thinking: ATLEAST DECIDE BETWEEN ONE OF THE TWO

    *I do have a theory about how #that scene was actually meant but I'm not sure how to phrase it yet (regardless of the intention it absolutely sucks and they should just cut it out tbh)

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    I know this is classified as a romantic comedy on here but it really should be classified as a psychological horror because this shit was traumatizing and I can't believe what Harper was willing to put her girlfriend through

  • Black Mirror: San Junipero

    Black Mirror: San Junipero


    A love story between a bisexual woman and a lesbian woman which ends happily? Plus it has lots of neon lights and great music from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s ????? This is amazing

  • Columbus



    I don't think anything will ever top Casey for me. I've never related to a character so much

  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn


    Is it slow and poetic or is it just boring?

  • My Own Private Idaho

    My Own Private Idaho


    I transcibed the campfire scene because it's the best thing ever:

    S: Getting away from everything feels good.

    M: Yeah, it does.

    S: When I left home, the maid asked me where I was off to. I said, "Wherever, whatever... Have a nice day."

    M: You had a maid.

    S: Yeah.

    M: If I had a normal family, and a good upbringing then I would've been a well adjusted person.

    S: Depends on what you call normal.

    M: Yeah, it…

  • Scream



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I really liked this I thought the kills were fun and the new characters were mostly aswell expect SAM, who's the main character (?). The actress was so bad it really took me out of the movie. The whole "Never fuck with the daughter of a serial killer" thing and her hallucinations of Billy (her rapist &murderer father) being used as something empowering and helpful at the end was also very concerning. Especially considering that the movie attempts to say…

  • Nowhere



    You know an american movie from the 90s is good when it's like really bad

  • D.E.B.S.



    Where is the sequel????