Enola Holmes ★★★½

I was so ready to be thirsting over Henry Cavill, which I did but didn't expect to thirst more over Burn Gorman. I discovered more about myself from this movie. Nice.

About the movie, who would have known Enola is the interesting Holmes in the family. Millie is a charismatic actress and it spills on Enola. Enola is finding herself and this movie presents it in a wholesome way. I absolutely love the tone of this movie, it has its own style, I would describe it as cheeky.

A different take on Sherlock, and I appreciate it. He seems more human because of Henry Cavill acting. Can't hide that charming of him. But, I'm not sold on him being a genius, the movie didn't convince me. It dumb down Sherlock a little for Enola to succeed.

With this kind of movie, the plot always decent. It relies on witty dialogue and characters personality which in some scene works but not all the time.

Well, I'm waiting for a sequel, I know there is one or many plan. And I know this movie is made for young adults but I want a mature storyline (I'm in my 20s, it's difficult to enjoy this kind of movie. I have the choice to not watch but I could never say no to the Witcher) or Henry Cavill's Sherlock spin off.

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