The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★½

Am I missing something here? To me 'The Nice Guys' was just another mediocre, forgettable "chalk and cheese" buddy movie, but with an A list cast and a well-known director. I really don't get all the buzz about this film? Why all the five star reviews? Personally, despite smirking and tittering a few times throughout the 2 hour running time, I never properly laughed! And its supposed to be a comedy!

The screenplay here is pretty poor, overly convoluted and a good 30 minutes too long. Another thing: what is the characters obsession with Hitler, it wasn't funny the first time neither the 48th time. I think the film gets confused when it comes to its moral standpoint, and to me it came across as a bit sloppy. Having said that, Shane black did alright directing it. The other saving graces of the film (that pretty much stopped me from giving this a lower rating) are Ryan Gosling who was great (and when I was smirking, it was because of him), and also Angourie Rice as his daughter was for me the standout performance here, she was terrific! As for Russell Crowe......well......the same as usual.

Theres not much else positive I can say about this movie. It kinda sucked, but was redeemed to ok by some good elements. I think it thought way too much of itself, and thought it was being both edgier and more emotional than it actually was. I know that I'm alone on this, but seriously guys! Someone has to explain to me why on earth this was hailed as "a masterpiece" on release.

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