A Ghost Story ★★★★

okay in all seriousness though, i went from disliking it (other than aesthetically) to actually quite liking it as the film went on.

i know a lot of people have taken the piss out of the pie scene - myself included - but i think when you really pay attention and take a second to understand what’s she’s going through, you might see it with meaning. she’s mourning the death of her love. i know that when i lose someone i can’t do much other than just sit there alone and try to process something i know ill never truly understand. i quite like the realness of that moment. you feel numb! yes i get it seems pretentious and maybe ive completely misinterpreted it, but sometimes i don’t think it’s such a bad thing to just show life as it is. 

anyway the last half hour/forty minutes were extremely powerful and emotional to me and brought the film up by half a star. not too pleased that casey affleck was in it, but hey, at least i didn’t have to see his face too much. loved the shots in this and i’ll definitely be having a little snoop around the DPs other work.

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