If Beale Street Could Talk

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hoping to write a full/proper review tomorrow, but for now:

fucking hell this is such a well-made and beautiful film. i'm about two thirds of the way through the book, but i'd promised myself for months and months that i would watch this on its uk release day. (side note: i'm very impressed with the adapted screenplay based on the amount of the novel i've read).

barry jenkins is easily one of the best directors working today and the snubbery this awards season is beyond a joke; the camera-work/colour palettes/lighting aid this film in evoking emotion almost as much as the actors themselves. jenkins isn't afraid of intimacy in any of his work, but there’s just something about beale street... the way fonny and tish stare into the cameras can somehow portray every feeling i've ever known.

on another quick note, nicholas britell's score is phenomenal and - in places - honestly terrifying, he's an incredibly talented composer, i would love love love to see him win the oscar for his work.

(my initial response, shared on twitter: I cried so much throughout the whole film that I now have a headache, my sleeves are soggy and I got pins and needles in my hand bc they were holding my face the whole time.
- that was forty minutes ago and i'm still sniffling now)

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