If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk ★★★★★

just a little thing; i’ve always been super self-conscious of my facial features - in particular my nose, eyes, chubby cheeks, forehead, lips (saying this now i realise that’s pretty much my whole face) - and i hate my side profile especially. for quite literally as long as i can remember, i’ve always wished my features were just Less Round, which, as I’ve gotten older, I kinda realised that, for the most part, it means less black. I definitely think that a huge part of my insecurity in this way comes from me feeling like those features were never celebrated, but this film does the opposite.

this whole film offers close-ups and intimate portraits of black men and women, but - I remember loving it when I first saw this in the cinema and i loved it just now re-watching it - to me, the scene where tish and fonny first sleep together celebrates blackness the most. black love is such a rare thing to see on screen - most of the time it’s side-lined, comedy or we see it between minor characters for a short moment - but this film and those scenes let us really see it, every part of it. the camera isn’t scared to dwell, we can focus on their hands, read their body language, study their faces... there’s a few moments where all that the audience can see are the silhouettes of the two lovers; i didn’t question their attractiveness at all, even though i always question mine. their silhouettes didn’t need to look like the ones we’re constantly told to be attracted to and im trying to teach myself that mine doesn’t either.

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