Lady Bird ★★★★★

i haven’t watched this yet today, i’ve just decided that im going to. good morning, it’s 9am and (not in a bitter way at all, im v happy for everyone) but the fact that so many of my friends have watched this w their mums over the past month or so is making me really (jealous) sad. idk just the past couple of years my mum and i really became close; i think it’s a combination of being old enough to have bigger conversations and both of us telling each other things that we don’t speak to anyone else about. 

coming to uni has been such a great experience for me and im growing as a person so much and i can already sense that im starting to properly discover my own path in my life, but fuck do i miss my family. im not even that far away from home, but there’s times where i just wanna walk down the hall and peek into my parents room to tell them something small and dumb that comes to mind, but i can’t and a phone call just seems like a bit much. another thing is that both my parents work full-time and with that, my uni hours/social plans in the evenings and my sister back home who trains in gymnastics a lot, it can sometimes be a little tricky to find a good time to chat. 

it’s odd bc although this film does a phenomenal job at telling the story of the end of the ‘high school’ period, it leaves us on the edge - we’re unsure of what lady birds college experience will be like; i think that’s actually really beautiful. it makes me a little scared bc it makes me feel like anything can happen at uni/college but i also think that’s the point. last week i completely changed degrees and im now the !!only!! student at the university taking my course - it’s new this year and idk the other logistics but yeah. 

anyway, although my mum isn’t really into films and watching them together isn’t really something my family do (or have time for tbh we’re all very busy), i really wanna experience this with her. on the surface our relationship is very different to the one played out on screen, but at the end of the day this is such a real and honest portrayal of mother-daughter love that i know mum and i would have those moments watching this that just the two of us would understand.

update: i notice more and more each time, here are a few quotes that stood out to me more this time round. 
“i remember from the pictures”
“maybe just leave it tonight / no she knows better”
“i think we’re done with the learning portion of high school”
“i hate being alone!”
- the way lady bird enters the post office just as it becomes the new year - the idea of climax
- the fact that lady birds response to needing to be the centre of attention is to shout an insult about her friend’s mum
“everything we do is for you”
“and nobody ever gets hurt...wrong side of the tracks”
“don’t you think maybe they are the same thing - love and attention”
“some people aren’t built happy”
when lady bird is in sacremento all she can do is look to find a home elsewhere, but when she gets to new york all she does is look for bits of home in her new life

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