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Dan Gorman


½ A Star is Burns
★ The Stockholm Affair
★½ Ernest vs. The Pope
★★ Look Who's Oinking
★★½ Honey, I Hit A School Bus
★★★ The Smell…

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  • Critters 3

    Critters 3

    takes a while to get to the critters but there's critters in Critters 3 and that was good enough for me last night

  • Evil Judgment

    Evil Judgment


    This marginally entertaining slasher sits near Stone Cold Dead and American Nightmare to some degree on the “sort-of Giallo-esque Canadian slasher/thriller” shelf. Semi-notable for being shot in the packed-to-the-gills-with-slashers year of 1981, but not released until 1984.

    Starts out propelled by some bizarre encounters and dialogue - "this soup tastes like PISS!" - before moving into a decent set-up where our main character survives a murder attempt by our villain and decides to solve the mystery herself when the police…

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  • Scarab



    Rip Torn plays some kind of... non-giving-up... scarab guy... in this alternatively outrageous and boring sorta-horror sorta-fantasy... thing.

    Are there things in this movie that you would get a kick out of seeing? Absolutely - I'm not sure it went much longer than 10 minutes without SOMETHING interesting/ridiculous/funny/WTF-worthy happening.

    Does that mean you should watch it for yourself? Hey, I'm not the boss of you.

  • Bones



    This movie rules so much and it's a legit shame that at the time critics/audiences didn't seem to vibe with it - now as a result we don't have a bunch of NOES-esque BONES sequels. Give me more maggot-barfing dogs and gnarly hell-walls.