The Sacrament ★★★

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Ti West's doc style cult shocker The Sacrament is effectively executed, but feels a little bit tied down by framing device.

Presented as a "Vice Guide To..." production gone awry, the faux-documentary style lends a palpable sense of realism to the film - but ultimately forces the film to constrain itself within the genre's well-worn template.

The film does not allow itself room to buck any trends or break any truly new ground - as I felt House of the Devil and Innkeepers both managed to do within their own cult and supernatural plot constructs. I found it to be missing some of what made West's previous films so revolutionary. That said, the performances are mostly on-point, with Gene Jones being the clear stand-out as "Father".

It's certainly a worthy film to see for Ti West's fans and non-fans alike, but it's also one that might benefit from checking your expectations at the door. It's a well constructed thriller that for the most part, manages to offer up a fair share of legitimate chills.