Parasite ★★★★★

one thing I really appreciated about Okja and Snowpiercer is how Bong Joon-ho constructs stories that can serve as clear and shamelessly unsubtle metaphor while also being genuinely engaging narratives and this is no exception.

the story of a scam gone too far and then so much further, Parasite is an exercise in anger, sometimes righteous and sometimes vague and directionless, its first act is a masterfully constructed performance of reputation and power imbued with a sense that it cannot last forever and the rest of the film responds to that tension with increasingly unexpected answers. Parasite is a fascinating study of class and what it means to have a plan and a genuinely moving story about a family trying to find happiness through what the society they live in has told them it looks like.

across the board perfect performances but beyond that there's a brilliant chemistry behind every single interaction that means even deception feels warm and homely on the surface. it's also genuinely hilarious, a few jokes got a round of applause of their own and the whole script has this incredible control of the tensions it's building so that even the most lowkey scenes had me on the edge of my seat. there's a turning point at roughly the end of the first act that is absolutely chilling and from this point Parasite is in a very good way a totally different film that I'm so glad I wasn't prepared for.

good movie.

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