Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

With Thor: Ragnarok Taika puts forward the best venture from the MCU to date. Marvel slowly has loosened their reigns on each movie and Taika's vision has reaped the rewards. Taika's signature comedy style underpins every improvised line and every beat of action. Moreover, however, is his signature view of people. Taika sees (and shoots) Marvel's universe of warriors, Gods and demons the same way he treated 'Boy' or 'Ricky' in his more overtly intimate works. Although this may jarringly bring down the lore's divinely upheld view of these characters for some of the audience, Taika's confidence holds firm and the characters are only the more memorable for it.

"Asgard is not a place. It's a people."

And Thor: Ragnarok is full of people

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