Enola Holmes ★★★½

A solid and charming film which did keep me entertained throughout the entirety.
I thought all the actors were gorgeous and I think the film did give us a really deep insight on Millie Bobby Brown’s acting ability, as she really does shine in this movie in my opinion. I feel like she is going to be very big in the near future. However, can I just say I’m still so in love with Helena Bonham even though she was barely in the film. That woman is incredible!!!! 
Although the film was very enjoyable I feel as if it went flat with the plot line as it wasn’t that strong and it kept changing throughout the movie which really threw me off. I noticed it did get kinda messy towards the middle of the film but it did manage to pick up and succeed with a satisfying finale. 
Also I just wanna add that I love the whole aesthetic the film possessed and the cinematography was indeed fascinating!!

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