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  • Seduction: The Cruel Woman

    Seduction: The Cruel Woman


    you mean to tell me only 126 people on here have seen udo kier play a submissive plagued by resentment? even when the film in question has greenaway/russell type aesthetics and is really gay + possibly even trans? okay then!

    a looot to dig into here wrt gender dynamics and performativity and rehearsal and the inscription of culture on the body but this is the sort of thing like beau travail where first time round im like ooooh look at the pretty pictures and then i only actually take what's properly happening in on rewatch

  • Me and You and Everyone We Know

    Me and You and Everyone We Know


    i haven’t rewatched this lets get that clear. i want to when i find a criterion rip but honestly few things make me feel more understood as a neurodivergent person than this film. like miranda july has her detractors who decry her as cloying or insincere or overly quirky but i cant think of many films that love this world so much. this is a film about trying to maintain some semblance of self in a world that often presents…

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  • Party Monster

    Party Monster


    evil velvet goldmine

  • House



    my cat came in and started watching this intently