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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    "Even fake, crappy movie ideas wanna live. Like, they grow in your brain, replacing real ones." Though somewhat conventional in its broad strokes, the specifics make the concept unique and pointed. Hard to talk about without spoiling, but let's just say it illustrates both the pathetic and the bittersweet aspects of idealization so uncompromisingly that it truly feels like being trapped in another person's nightmare.

    I caught on to what was going on (to an extent) fairly soon, so it…

  • A Life in Our Times

    A Life in Our Times

    I don't rate shorts*, so I'm not giving this a star rating, and the writer/director Frank Ritz is someone I enjoy interacting with here on LB, so my opinion may be skewed.

    I really enjoyed it! Really nicely shot, with often gorgeous, tasteful lighting and elegant camera moves you rarely encounter in indie shorts (the ones here in Brazil, anyway), and features maybe the greatest soundtrack (at least thinking in a 'classic track per minute' basis) in the history of…

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  • Bacurau



    Aparentemente o KMF foi sequestrado por um estudante de cinema de segundo ano de faculdade, que colocou um disfarce de bigode, boné e óculos escuros, e assumiu o controle da produção sem ninguém perceber.

    Não parece que o filme foi dirigido ou editado (muito menos escrito), mas simplesmente jogado de qualquer jeito num balde com a etiqueta "Spaghetti Western", sem nenhuma mediação humana. Poucas cenas apresentam qualquer senso de ritmo ou propósito, tudo é desengonçado.

    É incrível que tem gente…

  • Suspiria



    As flashy as the original, but this time the flash totally worked for me. Guadagnino uses a slew of tricks - crash zooms; alternate frame rates and shutter speeds; split diopter; moments captured in multiple, odd angles; jagged editing, etc - to keep you constantly, thrillingly off balance, even if it frequently approaches overkill. Wish he had made the movie as a whole tighter, though; as it is, the psychotherapist subplot wouldn't survive a cost-benefit analysis, and there must've been…