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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    A constant fetishization of Freddie Mercury’s life, leaving no room for him to be a real person, only the superstar he came to be. A poor Queen biopic, it focuses heavily on Freddie, even if most of it is mangled garbage. An overall unwatchable mess; dialogue that is either tongue-in-cheek mockery of people who didn’t “believe” in Queen or Rami Malek spouting out prophetical poetry akin to the film’s namesake, migraine-inducing editing that hardly ever gives a full 24 frames…

  • Allegrophobia (Running Title)

    Allegrophobia (Running Title)

    Kapaklis’ latest venture, Allegrophobia, is also his magnum opus. He blends playful editing with serious dialogue like the seasoned professional he’s proven himself to be. Not only does Allegrophobia showcase the end of an era, but it ushers in a new chapter of his career, possibly one that extends into features. The kind of film that should be left as a short, no need to tamper with perfection.

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  • His Favorite Person

    His Favorite Person

    (jacob already knows how much i love this film but i want my thoughts to easily accessible to someone who wouldn't see my comment to him)

    on a purely technical level, this movie is *kisses Italian(tm) hand* beautiful. the grading is vibrant, the grain is crunchy (i love me some crunchy grain), COMPOSITION????? fire that was fire.

    but that goddamn story, what the hell. i'm a feeler, film makes me feel. and this bad boy.............................................................


    there were tears. thats…

  • Walt Disney: An American Original

    Walt Disney: An American Original

    More art from an incredible up-and-coming director, Zack Snyder found dead in San Diego