Broker ★★★★★

Koreeda made forming deep connections with strangers look so easy and natural here it kind of forces us to reflect on how far we have strayed off course as fellow human beings (I mean sure they were trying to sell a baby but that is beside the point). There is an attempt here to gently pry open our hearts which have been shrinking and tightening and clogging up day after day and then fill it with this warm, cozy, nostalgic feeling that is best described as drinking hot soup of any kind during rainy weather and hopefully by the time the film has ended we would be so accustomed, so addicted to this certain warmth that it has made it easier for us to forgive the people around us, thus making the world a much kinder and calmer place. I'm still tempted to call this the road trip movie of the decade, even after I've slept on it for a few days now. Much love to song kang-ho who is perfect, so perfect for his role here. Every time I watch Koreeda's work I feel absolutely refreshed, as if I'm a baby learning how to be human again. Honestly I'm just beyond delighted to be alive and sitting here and letting Koreeda beat my ass with yet another found family trope, not to mention the fact that IU! is! in! this!

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