Carol ★★★★★

It's not just on paper, perfection exists. Time to time I see tiny bits of evidence, and today, my list has expanded, it's a truly wonderful feeling I tell you, to find absolute beauty in the depiction of such powerful intimacy, where each physical contact between Carol Aird and Therese Belivet send out multiple shockwaves, like batman's EMP gun for the human mind, numbing my senses. Simply magnificent, filled with sentimental moments that has the ability to alter the air in the room down to molecular level -- voices blurred out in a lonesome party, Therese through the car window, quivering lips as red as the ones you remember of your first real crush, the revelations of love (not just like! but like like!) -- look above, Blanchett descends from the heavens as a messenger, clouds part to make way for her graceful wings, accompanied by Burwell's transcending score, angels in love, flung out of space.

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