Dark City

Dark City ★★★★★

A banjo playing spastic just warped across my grave, your honour, since god-knows-when it's stuck on autopilot mode toast in the fridge and milk in the sink, face planted in a bowl of cereal thinking have to go to work then have to go to sleep, but it's a different work each time, an inconsistency that has become routine, round and round watching from the passenger's seat and the map's upside down, I feel like we've been here before, a circle with no starting point, no end, a continuous arrival without the memory of having set off in the first place -- childhood traumas, teenage angst, middle-age distress, take those away what are you? An empty shell yearning, yearning since last thursday for something to break the loop, a door that opens up to a burst of bright light, instead of the sight of another grey, concrete wall, yearning to be returned your 'am', your self, the ability to wake up remembering having fallen asleep, the promised ocean, the morning sun...! Nah- forget it Jake- it's Dark City.

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