Drive ★★★★★

It's certainly assuring to know that at the top of the shelf in my bedroom, lies Drive, waiting for me to pop it into the DVD player again. In that moment, the world will pause, phones will stop ringing, babies will stop crying, birds will freeze mid-air. That is me taking a break from life. That is my vacation.

The driver speaks to the phone. "Nightcall" starts playing. What happens next is a religious experience. Mulligan is an angel. Gosling is an angel. Cranston is an angel. Perlman is an angel. Refn is an angel.

Whenever I'm depressed, whenever I feel stressed out, I'll just remind myself that in this life, I am blessed with the chance to have witnessed the ultimate cinematic beauty, and all my problems will seem insignificant. As soon as the film ends, time will finally resume, and the smile on a boy's face will be restored.

"I drive."

Noir-vember film #7

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