Funeral Parade of Roses

Funeral Parade of Roses ★★★★★

Art is most affecting when totally uninhibited -- "all definitions of cinema erased, and all doors are opened", as mentioned in the film. There are literally no rules just do whatever you want. Flashing distorted images, comic book speech bubbles, fuck it, have strangers watch the filming process, a narrator sitting down to react along with the audience, have the actors interviewed after a sex scene, there is nothing left to push because there are no boundaries to begin with. Much like Throw Away Your Books, what Matsumoto had achieved here is an invaluable time capsule, a whiplash inducing concoction of documentary, melodrama, soap opera and slapstick comedy, resulting in a peculiar looking, disorienting yet incredibly delicious alcoholic drink. Truly fascinating, awe-inspiring, not to mention the impeccable editing holding the entire disjointed timeline together, with the hard cut from Eddie fainting in an art gallery to her being drunk in an alley at another point in time being the most memorable. Essential cinema.

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