Her ★★★★★

I feel pinkish and light . I feel sunlight touching the skin of my back at three o'clock in the morning. Delight, along with all sorts of previously undiscovered emotions sweeping across me as if I'm struck by a windstorm. Spike Jonze's modern love story possesses unutterable strength and sends us to unspeakable places. Gripping and very, very human.

I love how Theodore laughs and dances around with indifference to the world around him when he's in love. I love how Samantha uses mesmerizing music to substitute photographs. Spike Jonze and his film and its color, they all give me tremendous warmth. Heartache? Yes, but I'm also healed at the same time.

Every frame here is a painting. (what a cliche thing to write! yet it's true! It has never been truer.) The city itself lands a major role in the film and its blurry lights surround our characters like we're back in Sofia Coppola's masterpiece. We spot Theodore in a crowd like how we spot Emma's blue hair in -- cue drumroll for suspense -- Blue is the Warmest Color. Sorry to disagree, Adele, but this is the land of reds and pinks now.

To borrow Theodore's words:

"Oh God, she's so many things. I guess that's what I love most about her, you know? She isn't just one thing. She's so much larger than that."

Her is larger than what we can comprehend. Her is that feeling even a philosopher finds hard to describe. Her is a compilation of hand-written letters and, above all else, love.

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