Jaws ★★★★★

"Starting to go under."

"He can't with three barrels on him. Not with three barrels he can't."

As if taking his words as a challenge, all barrels immediately disappeared right before their eyes. It was quiet all of a sudden, no wind, no waves. Even John Williams seemed to be holding his breath. Only sound is the gulping noise the audience made at that moment from swallowing simultaneously, followed by some mild coughing because most of them had forgotten to do so for the last 30 minutes and had only realized how dry their throat has become. This is what they call the calm before the storm, and one goddamn hell of a storm that was.

The saliva tasted like sand, yet our mouths still refused to close. Turning our screams into soft whimpers, that's the power of Jaws -- an excruciatingly nerve-racking and shockingly realistic depiction of man versus barrels.

(But seriously, the collective stress brought upon me by both this and The Thing is enough to send me straight into a coffin. I'm too weak.)


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